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Last updated: 23rd August 2015


Background and Mandate


Accreditation and conformity assessment are critical issues for overcoming potential technical barriers within the region and in trade by a member of SAARC outside the region. Hence the SAARC-PTB Workshops on Accreditation recommended establishment of an Expert Group under the framework of SAARC with accreditation bodies and nodal agencies dealing with accreditation to facilitate exchange of information and develop a framework for cooperation.


Considering the Report of the Fourth SAARC-PTB Workshop on Accreditation held in Kathmandu on 28-29 June 2010, the Seventh Meeting of SAARC Standards Coordination Board (SAARC Secretariat, Kathmandu 10-11 November 2010) “approved the establishment of a ‘SAARC Expert Group on Accreditation (SEGA)’ to pursue the work relating to Accreditation in the region in collaboration with PTB under SAARC-PTB MOU".


SEGA Activities are coordinated, monitored and serviced by SARSO.