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Last updated: 23rd August 2015

Conformity Assessment

The SAARC Agreement on ‘Multilateral Arrangement on Recognition of Conformity Assessment’ (MARCA) aimed to facilitate the Parties to accept results of Conformity Assessment with a view to eliminate Technical Barriers to Trade within SAARC has been ratified by all SAARC Member States except Nepal.


The Board for Conformity Assessment (BCA) will be established after the ratification of MARCA by all Member States. The BCA, in particular shall be responsible for:


  1. listing, suspension, withdrawal of CABs in accordance with this Agreement;
  2. establishing SCAC(s) as and when necessary 
  3.  amending arrangements including transitional arrangements in different SCACs as and when necessary;
  4. resolving any questions relating to the application of this Agreement not otherwise resolved in the respective  SCAC;
  5. providing a forum for discussion on issues that may arise concerning the implementation of this Agreement;
  6. considering ways to enhance the operation of this Agreement;
  7. proposing any amendment to this Agreement as and when necessary;
  8. reviewing the progress made in implementation of various phases of conformity assessment of products (Article 13), and recommending necessary actions in this respect to SARSO Governing Board;
  9. preparing, reviewing and updating the documents required by all SCACs; and
  10. resolving disputes, if any, between the SCACs.