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Last updated: 7th August 2018

SARSO/STC 4 Electrical, Electronics, Telecom and IT



Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Memon

Institutional and Capacity Development Expert

M/S Techno Consult International 47-E/II PECHS Block 6

Karachi, Pakistan       



SARSO Secretariat:

Mr. Tashi Wangchuk

Deputy Director, South Asian Regional Standards Organization (SARSO)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

E-mail: /


The first Sectoral Technical Committee on Electrical, Electronics, Telecom and IT was held on 25-26 September, 2014 at New Delhi under the chair of Ms. Parminder Bajaj, Deputy Director-General, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India. The STC Meeting initiated discussion on harmonization of Double-Capped Fluorescent Lamps and noted that Member States have either their own National Standards based on IEC or are following the IEC Standards (IEC 61195 and IEC 60081). For the details of meetings of STC on Electrical, Electronics, Telecom and IT Please Click.


Work Programme


Published SAARC Standards:

SARS No. SAARC Standards

SARS IEC 61195:1999

SARS IEC 61195:1999/AMD1:2012

SARS IEC 61195:1999/AMD2:2014

Double-capped fluorescent lamps - Safety Specifications

SARS IEC 60081:1997

SARS IEC 60081:1997/AMD1:2000

SARS IEC  60081:1997/AMD2:2003 

SARS IEC  60081:1997/AMD3:2005

SARS IEC  60081:1997/AMD4:2010

SARS IEC  60081:1997/AMD5:2013

SARS IEC  60081:1997/AMD6:2017

Double-capped fluorescent lamps - Performance Specifications