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Last updated: 3rd February 2016

Board for Conformity Assessment

One of the objective and function of SARSO is to promote Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) on Conformity Assessment procedures amongst the SAARC Member States. The SAARC Member States signed the SAARC Agreement on Multilateral Arrangement on Recognition of Conformity Assessment (MARCA) in 2011. After due ratification and issuance of notification about implementation of SAARC Agreement on MARCA and as per relevant provision, Board for Conformity Assessment (BCA) will be established.


BCA will be responsible for the planning, coordinating and monitoring of all conformity assessment work and will be reporting to the Governing Board of SARSO. BCA shall be responsible for listing, suspension, withdrawal of Conformity Assessment Body (body which carries out inspection, testing or audit activities) in accordance with this Agreement.


Sectoral Conformity Assessment Committees (SCAC), comprised of technical experts for the Conformity Assessment for the specified sector from Member states, will be established by BCA, as and when deemed necessary. The SCAC shall ensure that its Conformity Assessment bodies are capable and remain capable of properly carrying out Conformity Assessment.