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Last updated: 27th April 2015


The Organization Consists of:


Governing Board


The Governing Board is the highest authority of SARSO, vested with all powers relating to its functioning. The Governing Board consists of Heads of the respective National Standards Body of each Member States. The Heads of the National Standards Body of each Member State may nominate an Alternate Member who would represent him/her in case of his/her absence. Each Member and his/her Alternate serves at the pleasure of the appointing Member State. The Chairperson of the Governing Board is appointed from among the Members. Presently, Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi, Director General, Bhutan Standards Bureau is the Chairperson of the Governing Board. The Chairperson of the Technical Management Board, the Secretary General of SAARC or his representative and the Head of the Secretariat are the ex-officio Members of the Governing Board.


Technical Management Board


The Technical Management Board (TMB) consists of one technical expert nominated by each National Standards Body of the Member States and will be reporting to SARSO Governing Board. The TMB unanimously elects a Chairperson from among its Members. The TMB is responsible for the planning, coordination and monitoring of all the technical work of the Organization. The Sectoral Technical Committees, as and when deemed necessary, are established by TMB. Presently the technical expert, nominated by Bureau of Indian Standards, India, is the Chairperson of Technical Management Board.


Board for Conformity Assessment


After due ratification and issuance of notification about implementation of SAARC agreement on MARCA (Multilateral Arrangement on Recognition of Conformity Assessment), 2011 and as per relevant provision, Board for Conformity Assessment will be established. It will be responsible for the planning, coordinating and monitoring of all conformity assessment work and will be reporting to SARSO Governing Board. Sectoral Conformity Assessment Committees (SCAC), comprised of technical experts for the Conformity Assessment for the specified sector from member states, will be established by BCA, as and when deemed necessary.


Director General


The Organization is headed by a Director General who is appointed by the Governing Board as per the prescribed qualifications and criteria from among the nationals of the Member States. He will be reporting to SARSO Governing Board. Presently, Dr. Syed Humayun Kabir is the Director General.




The Organization is having its Secretariat stationed at Dhaka, Bangladesh, consisting of Professional Staffs and General Services Staffs to facilitate the activities of SARSO. It is headed by the Director General.